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Melinda McMichael says during her 10 years selling sex in the Chicago neighborhood of Englewood, she was just focused on surviving. I would walk away, beaten, raped and robbed and go back out there and I would not call the police.

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Calumet City and Hammond have more than the state line in common: The cities share the same prostitutes and drug dealers. Hartman lives just a stone's throw from State Line Road, the dividing line between two cities and two states. The street slices through only one neighborhood, though--a neighborhood where Calumet City residents can walk across the polish prostitutes chicago and buy cheaper cigarettes in Indiana and Hammond residents can cross to buy liquor on Sunday in Illinois.

But crossing that street at any hour of the day means having to walk by the riffraff who have staked out street corners and alleys. For the past decade each city addressed problems on its own side of the road.

Calumet City established a tax increment financing district in the State Street and State Line Road area and demolished dozens of bars and strip ts that made up the bulk of its "sin strip. The police do their best to combat drug deals and prostitution, he said, but they are often ineffective because officers are prohibited from crossing the state line to make misdemeanor arrests.

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But the two police departments are working on a plan to allow officers to work both sides of the street. If their state law enforcement boards approve, Hammond officers will be sworn in in Illinois and Calumet City officers will take the oath in Indiana. Calumet City has installed cul-de-sacs at th Street polish prostitutes chicago th Place, cutting off through traffic in an area that ed for the department's highest of calls, Vallis said.

Just last week the two police departments conducted a t prostitution sting, and they are planning more, in addition to several reverse drug stings. All of her cousins started their families in the house's basement apartment, but the family spent the last decade watching prostitution and drugs take over the streets, with people hiding drugs under porches and turning tricks in front yards. Vallis and Cory say it's too fast to rush to judgment on their plans.

With polish prostitutes chicago of the cul-de-sacs, a lot of the crime moved over to Hammond, where cars have better access to State Line Road.

But if the departments are equally equipped to fight the problem from both sides of the street, the chiefs believe it will be possible to reclaim the neighborhood. Some of these screwballs have been known to pull up in front of a residence and try to solicit a woman working in the front yard. These families don't need to live like this.

Verna Wolak, who lives down the street from Hartman, said that things aren't bad enough to keep her from enjoying a nice night on her front porch.