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It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCUsharing continuity with the films of the franchiseand is the third in a series of shows that connect with the crossover miniseries The Defenders.

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Mike Colter stars as Luke Cage, a former convict with superhuman strength and unbreakable skin who now fights crime. Colter reprises his role from the series Jessica Joneswhile Dawson returns after portraying the character Claire Temple in the other Marvel Netflix series. In addition to original characters, several characters from other MCU Netflix series appear in the series, along with other characters based on various Marvel Comics properties. This list includes the series' main cast, all guest stars deemed to have had recurring roles throughout the series, and any other guest who is misty richardson escort notable.

Carl Lucas portrayed by Mike Coltera former convict who was given superhuman strength and unbreakable skin, now fights crime under the name Luke Cage.

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And then the events that happen in the first few episodes get him going, they catapult him into action. You rarely see a modern black male character who is soulful and intelligent.

Cornell"Cottonmouth" Stokes portrayed by Mahershala Ali is the owner of the Harlem's Paradise nightclub and the cousin of Mariah Dillard, who deals in illegal operations. Ali ed the cast as Stokes in September[13] despite knowing that the character would die early on in the series. It gave me a certain freedom to try to do my best work and make peace with it once he experiences his demise. Ali described Stokes as "a Godfather -type villain", [17] misty richardson escort Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb referred to him as "the other hero of the story", continuing the tradition of Marvel Netflix villains Wilson Fisk and Kilgrave.

He's somebody who goes about things in a different way than the normal person, including myself. Mercedes Kelly "Misty" Knight portrayed by Simone Missick is a Detective at the 29th Precinct and partner of Rafael Scarfe with a strong sense of justice, who is determined to learn about Cage. She is later given a robotic arm by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing. Missick, who was announced in the role of Knight in September[22] [23] described the character as "her own misty richardson escort.

She's not the wife. She's not a girlfriend. She's not a sidepiece or a sidekick. In the series, Knight has what Missick called a "superpower" referred misty richardson escort as 'Misty Vision' that allows her to look at a crime scene and deduce what happened. Hernan "Shades" Alvarez portrayed by Theo Rossi is a relentless, menacing, smooth and manipulative, street smart criminal working for Diamondback with ties to Cage's past where they were inmates at Seagate Prison. Rossi was announced as being cast as Shades in September Willis Stryker portrayed by Erik LaRay Harvey is a powerful arms dealer who is Cage's half-brother and the one who framed him for the crime that sent him to Seagate Prison.

Luke manages to defeat Diamondback who is arrested by the police. In Marchset photos revealed that Harvey had been cast as Stryker in the series. However, Coker did try to bring as much of the comics' version of the character to the series as he could, including adapting the character's comic costume into armor that allows Stryker to match Cage's super strength. Harvey talked about the character's illegitimacy, saying, "My character had been called a bastard his whole life.

How does that make a person operate? How would you feel if your childhood was illegitimized and ignored and swept under a rug? The character is always seen smiling when killing or defaming Cage's name, which is "just his way of dealing with his pain.

He smiles through his pain. Claire Temple portrayed by Rosario Dawson is a nurse in Hell's Kitchen, whose friendship with Cage will affect both of their lives.

In NovemberDawson was confirmed to be reprising her role of Temple from the Marvel Netflix series. I think she's someone that Luke needs in his life at this time. Mariah Dillard portrayed by Alfre Woodard is a local councilwoman, Stokes' cousin, and Tilda Johnson's mother looking to bring change to Harlem, whose life is "thrown misty richardson escort turmoil" by the actions of Cage and Stokes. In AugustWoodard, who portrays Miriam Sharpe in the MCU film Captain America: Civil War[34] was in talks misty richardson escort the cast, [35] and the following month she was confirmed as a series regular, portraying Dillard.

The nickname is ultimately used by Stokes as a personal insult from their past growing up together, in retaliation to Dillard verbally attacking him. Tilda Johnson portrayed by Gabrielle Dennis is an holistic doctor who cannot stay out of trouble in Harlem. Dennis was announced as cast for the second season in July Using a drug called Nightshade, Bushmaster gets super-strength enough to go up against Luke Cage. By the end of the second season, Bushmaster is taken back to Jamaica with his uncle's corpse to recuperate and to assist his aunt into giving his uncle a proper funeral.

Shakir was announced as cast for the second season misty richardson escort July Colleen helps Misty Knight by training her to fight with one arm. As she and Misty Knight are having drinks in the bar, they are attacked by Mr. Colleen takes out Mr. Fish's minions as Misty Knight defeats Mr. Colleen later assists Danny Rand into giving Misty Knight a robotic arm to replace the one that she lost.

He later helps Luke Cage in searching for Bushmaster. In Season Two, he prosecuted against Mariah Dillard at her arraignment. The following is a list of guest characters that have recurring roles throughout the series. The characters are listed by the MCU media or season in which they first appeared. Benjamin Donovan portrayed by Danny Johnson as an adult, Chaundre Hall-Broomfield as a young man is a lawyer known for representing high-profile criminals such as Stokes, Dillard and Wilson Fisk.

It was later revealed that he had a hand in the release of 30 criminals including Dontrell "Cockroach" Hamilton who he orchestrated the arrest on. Whaley's role as Scarfe was announced alongside the series' main cast in September She had this raw talent that he, unlike other people on the force, nurtured". I know that he's solid with his partner. I think he has a good heart.

He was killed by Diamondback. Lonnie Wilson portrayed by Darius Kaleb [48] is a young boy from Harlem. He meets Luke Cage, who looks out for Lonnie on the streets. Lonnie is taken into custody for questioning about Cage, and is given a brutal beating by Detective Dorsey. He is a supporter of Luke Cage because he knows Cage is innocent of the crimes he has allegedly committed. Candace Miller portrayed by Deborah Ayorinde [50] is a hostess at Harlem's Paradise who is paid by Mariah to falsely accuse Luke of Cottonmouth's murder. After Misty gets her to confess the truth, she is later killed by Shades following Luke Cage's fight with Diamondback.

He becomes a partner and friend of Knight's. Swain was cast as Bailey after a blind audition, and did not learn that the series was Luke Cage until later receiving an e-mail welcoming him to the MCU. The character of Bailey was originally going to have an introductory scene in the fifth episode establishing his relationship with Knight in the series, but the scene was ultimately cut.

The script mentioned Bailey taking off his glasses in a scene, so Swain brought a pair of his wife's glasses to the set. He would look up and quickly take off his glasses. Zip portrayed by Jaiden Kaine [41] is a gangster misty richardson escort provides muscle for Cottonmouth. Following Cottonmouth's death, Diamondback promotes Zip to be his secondary advisor, behind only Shades.

After Diamondback and Shades have a falling misty richardson escort, Diamondback offers to make Zip his second-in-command if he kills Shades. Zip tries to strangle Shades in a freight elevator, but Shades fights back, grabs a gun, kills both of the men accompanying Zip. After getting Zip to confess to Diamondback's duplicity, Shades shoots him in the head. Sugar portrayed by Sean Ringgold [53] [41] is one of Stokes' men.

Following Cottonmouth's death, he misty richardson escort to work for Diamondback and Mariah Dillard. When Dillard began to spiral during her war with Bushmaster, he quit and went to Luke Cage where he now works for him.

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Dave "D. Darius "Comanche" Jones portrayed by Thomas Q. Jones is an inmate at Seagate Prison who worked for Rackham and was cellmates with Shades. Shades was later forced to kill Comanche when he found out that he was Tom Ridenhour's informant. Noah Burstein portrayed by Michael Kostroff is a misty richardson escort at Seagate that give Lucas his powers due to his experiments.

Thembi Wallace portrayed by Tijuana Ricks [56] is a news reporter. By the end of season two, Alex was among those who were killed to avoid testifying against Mariah. This led to Tilda working to poison her mother. In season two, Priscilla has been promoted to deputy police chief.

James Lucas portrayed by an unknown actor in season one, Reg E. Cathey in season two is a pastor and Luke Cage's father. The two have a strained relationship due to Cage's incarceration and misty richardson escort own adulterous affair with Dana Stryker. Sheldon Shaw portrayed by Kevin Mambo as an adult, Antwayne Eccleston as a young man is Bushmaster's right hand man and member of the Stylers. After Bushmaster is taken back to Jamaica with his uncle's corpse, Sheldon visits Pop's barbershop to let Luke know that Bushmaster has left and shows Luke some respect.

Stephanie Miller portrayed by Tarah Rodgers is an escort hired by Mariah Dillard who renames her Billie in an effort to use her in her latest scheme. Tom Ridenhour portrayed by Peter Jay Fernandez is a police captain and Misty Knight's new superior who does not approve of Cage's style of justice. Paul "Anansi" MacIntosh misty richardson escort by Sahr Ngaujah is Bushmaster's uncle and a former criminal in his own right who runs a Jamaican bar called "Gwen's" which is named after his sister-in-law Gwen McIver. He is later killed by Mariah Dillard. The death of Paul causes Bushmaster and Ingrid to take him home to Jamaica to give him a proper funeral.

She survived the massacre caused by Mariah Dillard and assists Bushmaster into taking Anansi's corpse back to Jamaica to give him a proper funeral.

Selected media actions

The following is a supplementary list of guest stars that appear in lesser roles or make ificant cameo appearances. Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance through an on-set photograph, the same seen in Marvel Netflix series. Stan Lee makes another cameo this season as a flyer.